Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Appointment

This afternoon was another doctor appointment. Unfortunately she had no new information for me since my appointment last Friday. She had hoped to talk to the geneticist, but that person just got back from a long vacation. So that didn't work out.

In the meantime, though, my Beta HCG levels look good. The day of the D&C they tested at over 200,000. I asked today and found out that usually the pregnancy hormone, which is what the Beta HCG is, increases in the early stages of pregnancy and then plateaus around the 10th week or so. Usually it plateaus somewhere around 60,000 to 100,000. So yeah, my levels were off the chart!!

The good news is that in the two weeks since the surgery, they dropped to around 760!! So I went to the lab after seeing my doctor and gave more blood. We'll see what another five days does to it.

So I go back again in two weeks. Hopefully at that appointment we'll have all the test results back and some questions answered. My doctor still has questions she wants answers to as well, so I have to wait until she can talk to the right people before I can find out the whole scoop. So we'll see what I get at that appointment.

And when I'm there again in two weeks, I'll hopefully give my last blood sample for a while! If that blood test doesn't show my Beta HCG less than 5, then I'll have to go back at least one more time. I'm hoping that the positive drop this last time means that only one more blood draw is necessary.

My arm is getting tired and I think my veins are starting to hide.

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