Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Growing Kids and (Hopefully) Veggies

Everything is growing around here. It's spring!!

Silas is now 5 months old, as of Monday. Here's the picture I took of him:

I've been playing around with the website The above picture is the result of playing around with several different features. Fun, right?

Anyway, he's getting so big. And he's such a happy baby, too. He's a little under the weather this week, but generally he is so good and smiles so easily.

The boys are hitting an interesting phase. They are almost three and I think I'm becoming a believer in the "Terrible Threes." Without going into detail, things have just been ... well, challenging, for lack of a better word. Hopefully we'll all survive this next year.

Besides our growing boys we're also hoping to have a garden this year. We're getting a late start, but since it was actually cool this last week, it seems to be a late starting growing season this year anyway. Not that I really know, I've never done this before. But Hubby has been hard at work building our raised garden beds.

The house we bought last summer had a garden spot already that was overgrown and obviously neglected. Hubby cleaned it up and it's been sitting there ever since, waiting for us to do something with it.

Hubby working on the raised beds (the frame is upside down in these pictures):

He has two of these almost done now, which will give us four spaces of about 4 feet by 4 feet each. I plan on documenting more of this endeavor, so expect more pictures soon.

And one last picture. I tried taking some pictures of Silas and I using our new ring sling. Selfies aren't really my thing, but here's the best I could do:
He looks like a redhead here, but he's definitely a blondie (for now)
Bonus picture, the boys were in the backyard while I was taking pictures of the garden area and they insisted I take their picture too:


  1. Cute ring sling!! That garden looks like it will have great potential!! So fun.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting into this gardening thing. I'm glad Hubby knows a thing or two about it.

  2. Silas is so cute! Happy babies are such a blessing. I hear ya on the "terrible threes times two". One of mine is almost four and I "think" I am glimpsing the light at the end of this two-year tunnel! The garden beds look great. If you can raise twin boys, you can certainly conquer tomatoes. Good luck with both!

    1. Thanks, Lynda! I can't wait to see Hubby's plans for the final placement of the beds. I'm so NOT an outdoorsy person, so this will be interesting. LOL!!