Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brotherly Love

Tuesday morning I got the boys out of their cribs and started the morning routine of diapers, getting dressed, and putting everything away before going down to have breakfast. Once out of their cribs they like to start pulling books down or getting into the blocks or whatever. They also usually like carrying around their large stuffed animals, which are almost as big as they are.

That morning Peter insisted on carrying his large monkey with him and his blanket. And he wanted to have them both with him on the changing table. There isn't much room on a changing table for him, a monkey, and a blanket. But I tried to make it work for a little while.

I finally got tired of everything and took the blanket away tossing it towards the crib. I missed the crib and the blanket landed on the floor next to it. Peter was not happy. He fussed and fussed about not having the blanket as he laid there under the monkey.

But his brother came to his rescue. He went and got the blanket and brought it to the changing table. I was trying to get Peter dressed while Ethan tried to push the blanket up onto the changing table. Unsuccessfully, of course.

It was very cute! I love seeing how much these two little guys look out for each other. They fight plenty, too, but these moments remind me how lucky they are to have a built in best friend.

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