Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes at Catholic Sistas

It's a little later in the day than I usually post, but I wanted to go ahead and get this in here. In case you're wondering where I've been, I'm still writing over at Catholic Sistas. And I have lots of ideas for posts I want to do over here as well. Eventually I'll get to those too.

In the meantime, I polled the Ink Slingers at Catholic Sistas about their favorite blogs. Today's Quick Takes post is a sampling of some of the blogs they shared with me, as well as some of my own favorites. Our only requirements were that the blogs were Catholic and that none of them on our list were written by any of us. We didn't want to appear too biased.

So come check out the Sistas' favorite blogs (or as many of them as I could squeeze into one post without going overboard) and then leave us a comment with some of your favorite blogs. And shameless plugs for your own are more than welcome!!

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