Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saturday Smiles, no. 10

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I had one of those realization moments this week that made me aware of God's presence in my life. It was a moment that made me see how the Hand of God has been directing my life without me even know it. And when you have that moment of realization it can be overwhelming. Only someone who loves you as much as God does can have that kind of patience with such a stubborn person.

A friend of mine posted a political cartoon this week on her Facebook page. It was one of those cartoons that is funny if you are pro-life.  If you're not, it was probably a little off-putting. as these things go, a conversation had developed under the picture in which one person was arguing the pro-abortion side of things against my friend and all her (our) other friends. The logic the pro-abortion person was using was so illogical that I couldn't help myself and I stepped in to say something.

By her logic, my children that died before birth never actually existed and were not human. So I had to ask her what my son was if he was not human. I had felt his movements before he died, seen his heartbeat, held him in my arms after his death and birth, counted his fingers and toes, touched is perfect little face, and so on. But he wasn't human according to her logic. It was a ridiculous argument, obviously.

As expected she did not respond to my comment. I really didn't expect her to because otherwise she would have had to admit the fault in her logic. I know how these conversations go, I understand ignoring the points that challenge your logic ... because I used to be on her side.

I read the rest of the conversation, but didn't bother contributing again. I had made my point, been ignored, but maybe had planted a seed. That was enough.

But as I scanned through the conversation and thought about where I used to be and where I am now, I can see God's Hand in my life. I know it was He who sent the right people in my path to challenge my ideas and get me to think differently. He placed me in the right places, at the right times to challenge me as I needed to be challenged. And I'm glad He did. I had a momentary thought about how different my miscarriages and Zachary's stillbirth might have been had I still been "pro-choice" at the time. I'm incredibly grateful that I did not have to experience those losses from that point of view.

I often have these little moments of realization where I see how it is all part of God's plan that I am where I am at this time and in this place. This was one of those moments. It's funny how a simple political cartoon can bring about such introspection.

Thank you, God, for guiding me to the life that I have today. I pray that I will continue to trust in you.

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  1. Hello Kasclar, this is awkward because I did say something about the non-existance of the rights of the un-born on we have friends in common? Or was it another page entirely? Who knows... However if I didn't respond it was because we are at cross purposes, I have worked in gynae, and have delivered babes both wanted and unwanted at various stages of development...and I have dealt with the results of traumatic childhoods in my work with alcoholics. I believe very strongly that there are worse things than death...I would comfort bereaved mothers by the reassurance that their little babe's life, although short had been without pain or suffering...Well, I wanted to explain, their is a saying here in France, that you can't please both the goat and the cabbage, and so if a mother doesn't want her baby I don't think the baby's "rights" should over-ride those of the mother, in this over-populated world. My opinions can't in any way touch yours, for our experiences are so different, and I don't want to try and change you, for you clearly have a strong faith, and one that has helped you when you were bereaved, but I just want to say, that as a nurse I try not to judge those who come to me for help...even when their behaviour seems reprehensible. (Although I am, as you may have already gathered, an aetheist, I believe that if there is a God, well then He can do the judging, I will try just to forgive and love those who need it.) I hope I am not being offensive, I have a feeling that forgiving is also up to God... best wishes, as you must have your hands very full with twin 18 month boys !