Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink, Pink, Pink ...


Not something I see much of around here with two boys in the house. Not unless I'm wearing it!

But I'm getting an opportunity to relish in a bit of pink this summer. Two new nieces this summer, Ethan's Godparents had a baby girl in June, two other friends adopted baby girls just in the last two months, and another friend is due to have a baby girl in the next couple weeks.

So yeah ... lots of pink. I'm loving it!

Saturday morning I met up with five friends for a small baby shower brunch for the mom-to-be. It was a special time, as all baby showers are, but this one was especially special. Why so special? All six of us sitting around the table have suffered through years of infertility and/or pregnancy loss. Yet, there we sat, six women with 7 children between us, one on the way, and 4 babies in heaven.

Infertility group? What infertility group?

[Seriously though, having a child doesn't "cure" infertility. A post for another time.]

In many ways this little brunch was almost a celebration of all the miracles we as a group have received. I'm so happy for these friends of mine who have longed for children for so long and are now all mothers or soon-to-be mothers of such wonderful, special children. And so much pink everywhere!

I think Peter and Ethan will have lots of good little Catholic girls to choose from. Many, many years from now. Of course.


  1. 'having a baby doesn't cure infertility'- so true- my sis-in-law (infertile for 10 years- adopted baby girl- got pg 3 months later....secondary infertility for 4 years...waiting for next baby any day now!) STILL feels the pain- BUT she is happy...I know you get this

    1. yes. My situation is a bit different, but having friends who have struggled with it and being there for them has given me more insight than I would otherwise have. I have my own struggles and feelings of loss that will stay with me forever, but it is different than infertility. Still, I can relate in some ways to the struggles and I know that it never gets easy and is something that is always with you. God bless your SIL! I hope her delivery goes well!