Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, vol. 44


Can I just say how cute little boys in little sneakers are!?! Oh my goodness. The cuteness factor just went up by a billion! I'll have to post a picture later, it's on my camera and I just don't have time tonight to download it (and I don't have the patience to deal with Hubby's very slow computer). Their little feet look so much bigger in their sneakers. Thursday was the first time we put them on them. So cute!! 


It's been pretty dry here this summer until just recently. We have thankfully gotten a lot more rain these past two weeks. Lawns are starting to look somewhat green again and the ban on fireworks was lifted. All those fireworks everyone had bought for the 4th were sitting around until just this past weekend. Saturday night there were pops and booms going on all over the place. I'm hoping it is over now until New Years Eve.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a stick in the mud. But I'm okay with that.


We had the torrential downpours last week which I mentioned in my Quick Takes last Friday. The rain continued over the weekend with a few strong storms and some lighter rain showers. Sunday evening while I was feeding the boys their dinner I was looking out the glass doors on the back of the house and noticing that the rain looked a bit strange. We have a large covered porch off the back with sliding glass doors. I could see rain coming down along the edge of the porch but not much beyond it. I stepped outside and looked down toward the driveway and this is what I saw:

Notice the left side of the driveway is wet and the right side is dry. The edge of the rain shower was right there. I was standing at the top of the stairs, it was raining lightly directly over me, but I only had to reach my arm out to my right and I couldn't feel any rain. Very strange!


I also took this picture:

This is the sky right above where I was standing in the picture in #2. The sun was shining down and if you look carefully there are some rain drops visible in the picture. Not far beyond that there is no rain. You really can't get a sense of the rain shower in this picture, but I thought it was pretty anyway and wanted to share.


For the first time I am seeing a breakthrough with the boys. At almost 14 months old I am getting very tired of feeding them bottles and having to hold them. I can't do anything while I sit between them holding both their bottles for them. But just the other day Ethan actually drank out of a sippy cup. Amazing! It was the fifth one we have tried. Unfortunately he wanted nothing to do with it the next day. In the meantime, Peter has miraculously started holding his own bottle. We knew he could do it, he's been capable for a long time, he just utterly refused. Wednesday evening they BOTH used a sippy cup. I feel like I'm witnessing a miracle! And I'm not exaggerating. If this has been so hard I can't even begin to imagine potty training.

Can I wait until they are 5 for that? Yeah ... didn't think so.


Because of Pinterest, which I reluctantly joined [because I needed something else to eat up my time like I need a hole in my head], I have been discovering articles and blog posts about blogging. It's been nice to get tips for improving how to write, how to blog, and how to put it all together. Wednesday I stumbled onto this article by Devin Rose which I found very interesting and so "pinned" it to my "Blogging Tips" Pinterest Board. I have been wondering lately about this blog and whether it needs more of a focus. I do tend to have a few main topics I focus on from time to time but this is mostly a multi-topic-blog, albeit with a Catholic spin a majority of the time. Devin's article was encouraging to those of us who write about whatever we feel like at the time. He had some interesting insights, so go check it out. And the comments he got were also insightful, so don't forget to read those too.


My husband bought a cloud this week. There's a sentence I never would have thought I'd ever say. So anyone know what I'm talking about? Any guesses?

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Cloud image source: morgueFile


  1. don't push potty training, boys are slower then girls in the first place, and trying too hard stresses both you and them.
    if they are only just now starting to hold their own bottles and not yet drinking much out of sippy cups at 14 mos. they are in no hurry to grow up, so will not be receptive to potty training for some time. let them graduate into pull-ups next year. let them come in the bathroom with you and dad, they will get a lot more information that way, and will let that influence their thoughts, then they will start to let you know when they need to go.

    unless they already don't like being messy or wet and let you know now.

    1. LOL! I was just joking about the potty training. I am not ready and they certainly are nowhere near ready.

  2. Replies
    1. #7: It's a networked external hard drive. Will allow my husband and I to both have access to certain files whether using his desktop computer or my laptop. They call it a Cloud. :)

  3. Just a thought, but some kids moves striaght to real cups. It being sumer and all, it's a great time to let them try. Give them cups of water and head outside (or inside, if you don't mind the mess - it is just water afterall). And potty training is no fun no matter what age you start ;)

    1. They actually both surprised us on July 4th by trying to drink out of cups that were in the little kiddie pool my MIL set up for them. We ended up having to take them away since the water wasn't really drinkable. But I was shocked that they both seemed to know what to do. The way they throw those sippy cups around makes me scared to use real cups though! LOL!! Outside would definitely be a must. :)

  4. Ooh, must see sneaker pics :)