Saturday, December 04, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday on Saturday, Vol. 11

Better late than never!  And since I've also missed the last few weeks, I figured it was better to go ahead and do a Quick Takes post a day late than not at all.  So here we go ...


Happy Advent!!  We started Advent last Sunday while the rest of the world started celebrating Christmas about a month ago.  This is one of my favorite aspects of the Church.  We don't rush into anything!  That's so true for so many things in the Church, isn't it?  We're a very deliberate group of people.  Before Christmas, we get four weeks of preparation.  Four weeks to reflect on the hope of the second coming, the joy of the first coming, and so much more.  THEN, and only then, do we get to Christmas.  And Christmas isn't just one day!!  I love it!  But for now, I just want to wish everyone a good Advent.  May it be a wonderful time for you and your families to properly prepare for the arrival of the newborn King!!


We got good news at work this week.  Not just good ... surprising news!!  For those who may not know, I work at a large research university.  Normally we get four bonus days off between Christmas and New Years, plus a day for Christmas and a day for New Years Day.  That's 6 total.  This week the president announced three additional bonus days!  How cool is that!  So now I will be off from Tuesday Dec. 21 until Sunday January 2, returning to work on Monday January 3.  I also have a floating holiday.  I'm thinking I may use it on Monday Dec. 20, why only work one day that week?  Two whole weeks off.  And that means online two more weeks of work left!!  I can't wait!  (The benefit to the university: millions of dollars in savings in utility bills!  I may have not had a raise in three years, but at least they aren't cutting our pay, imposing furloughs, or doing major lay offs.  I'll take what I can get!)


We finally have to get new phones.  Hubby and I have flip-style phones that we have had for over three years now.  The screen on the outside of Hubby's phone went out a while ago and recently the inside screen on my phone started blinking when I was using it and now goes out on occasion (more and more so).  I open my phone and get only a blue screen.  Not good.  I could still make a call if I had the number memorized, but who memorizes phone numbers anymore!!  That's why I have a cell phone!  So we're finally breaking down and getting new phones.  I kind of wanted a smartphone so I could have Internet and email anywhere I wanted, but we decided not to make that leap yet.  So we're getting a package that includes text messaging, which will be new for us.  I'll still have my iPod Touch for email, Facebook, Internet, and other things (when I'm somewhere that has wireless capabilities).  And, we'll be paying less!!  We'll be switching companies and getting a good deal by buying online, plus getting a discount through my employer!  Hubby is most happy about this.


How many remotes do you have for your TV?  Don't include the remotes for other accessory items (DVD players, etc.).  Just to operate your TV, what do you need?  We need three remotes now!  Three!!  Yes, it's crazy, especially when you consider that two of those remotes are universal remotes.  Apparently not all universal remotes are really universal.  We have one to turn the TV on, one to turn on the volume (volume comes through a Bose player that's connected to the TV, not really an accessory since we wouldn't hear anything without it in this set-up), and then a third to change the channels.  We used to have two: the one for the volume and the second for everything to do with the TV.  Then we had to get a special box from our cable company for something (HD signals or whatever) and it came with a universal remote.  For some reason we can't get that remote to turn the TV on and off.  Thus we use three now.  Geesh!


Winter has arrived in Kentucky.  We started getting snow this week.  Not a lot, but enough to make the roads slightly slick.  None of it lasted long.  That is until today.  I would guess that we have about two inches of snow on the ground now and it's still coming down.  Doesn't look like it'll be stopping anytime soon.  So I'm changing my plans for today and staying inside.  In my immediate future I see hot chocolate, watching the SEC championship game (Go Gamecocks!), doing some knitting, and maybe I'll take a shower at some point.


I got a haircut on Friday evening.  No, I won't be posting pictures because I haven't done anything different.  It's just shorter and looks pretty much like it did about 9 weeks ago when I last got it cut.  But I'm so glad to have it shorter again!!  It was feeling really long, a sure sign that's it's time.  Feels so good!


I saw this posted on Facebook this week.  It was so cute I thought I'd share it here.  Those of you with beautiful, large families will especially appreciate this.  Enjoy!!

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  1. David Gibson7:30 PM

    I agree with you on Advent. I love it! It is my favorite time if year.

  2. Your cozy day indoors sounds so nice. Hope you got some knitting done :)