Thursday, February 04, 2010

KY Pro-Life Bill

For those readers who live in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, there is a very important Bill that needs our support. Senate Bill 38 has been voted on and passed in our state Senate. It is currently sitting in committee in the House. It has passed the Senate in previous years but never makes it to a vote in the House. Let's urge our representatives to bring it to a vote this year!

Senate Bill 38 is also referred to as the Ultrasound Bill. Currently in KY, abortionists do have to inform a woman about the procedure, but can get away with pre-recorded messages or a simple phone call. In many of these cases, the woman doesn't have the ability to ask questions. This Bill would require an abortion doctor to actually be face-to-face with her and to show her an ultrasound of her preborn child. She doesn't have to view it, but the option has to be there. It has been shown in many states with similar laws that when women see the ultrasound they often choose not to have the abortion because they recognize that they are carrying a human person and not just a bundle of cells (which is what they are often told). Passage of this bill could potentially save many, many lives of preborn children in Kentucky.

Even those who call themselves Pro-Choice should support Senate Bill 38. If a woman is going to make a fully formed decision, she needs all the information in front of her, and no lies. This Bill would force abortionists to do just that. If those who are Pro-Choice do indeed believe that abortion should be rare, then legislation such as this is important for us ALL to support.

Even President Obama has said he is open to seeking common ground on the abortion issue. This would be one step in that direction.

How can you support?? It's easy! You can call the KY Legislature at 800-372-7181 and leave a message for your representatives to support Senate Bill 38. You don't even need to know who your particular representative is, they will take care of that.

Or, if you prefer not to use the phone like me, you can do what I did! Go to this website: Find Your Legislator and click the link to the KY State Board of Elections Voter Information Center. Once there type in the info it asks for and it will tell you what your district number is. Once you have that you can go to the Kentucky Legislature page and click on "Members by District" under House of Representatives. You can then find your District number and see who your representative is and email him or her directly. I actually emailed both my representative and my senator. My senator emailed me back within the hour and informed me that he had voted yes on this already.

Please support Senate Bill 38!! It's time to make sure that women understand that when they choose an abortion they are choosing to end a life. Contact your KY state representative today!

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