Thursday, October 08, 2009

Today I Learned

Today I got up extremely early, got ready, and left my house at 6:20am to spend half the day in the car driving to a conference. What then can I have learned today? Well ...

Today I learned that there are a lot of police cars along all the roads in Indiana! (No, I did not get pulled over, it was an observation.)

Today I learned that Mark Shultz (I think I got his name right), a Christian singer, lives in Chapel Hill, NC because his wife is doing her OB/GYN residency there. (Yes, I know it's random.)

Today I learned that when traffic starts getting heavier the closer you get to Louisville while on 64 West and it's just after 7am, you should move to the left lane as soon as you can. Don't do what I did and sit in it thinking that it's better than jumping lanes. If you don't need to get off at the Waterson, don't sit with the rest of the people who are.

Today I learned that corn season is over. (I was in Indiana!)

Today I learned that it is possible to watch the sun rise in your rear view mirror (and not get into an accident).

Today I learned that I don't like driving on state "highways" for over 100 miles. (Lights, varying speed limits, etc.)

Today I learned that Indiana drivers aren't just slow when you get stuck behind them in other parts of the country, they're slow here too!!!

Today I learned that music librarians are not as eager to do Karaoke as I thought they would have been. (But I did leave the party early, so who knows.)

Today I learned that Notre Dame has a beautiful campus with lots of different shrines all around, and that the Basilica here is gorgeous!!

Today I also learned some library things that I found interesting but that I'm sure no one else will ... so I'll keep that to myself.

Today I learned why I love coming to these conferences!!

Hope everyone had a great day today, too!


  1. Yes, there are a lot of police cars along the roads in Indiana, especially right over the bridge.

    Avoidance of Waterson morning and end of work day definitely place to avoid.

    Is the corn actually being taken down now?

    Oh yes you can watch the sun rise in your rear view mirror and not get in an accident and see a beautiful picture.

    Yes the journey to South Bend is quite a fun journey as you enter and exit towns constantly.

    Notre Dame is a beautiful campus. Hopefully you were able to enjoy it without all the rain.

    Yes not sure how interesting I may or may not find library things, but glad that someone enjoys it.

  2. Did you get stuck in all of those dreadful red lights in Kokomo, IN? :) Hope you had a great time at ND's campus. Did you find the grotto?

  3. Robin: I didn't realize that the traffic I was stuck in was the Watterson, otherwise, I would have moved over much earlier than I did. Just not that familiar with L'ville. The corn: it's coming down, several fields had been leveled, others were still up but we're pretty brown and harvesting was definitely happening. Unforunately it rained the whole time I was there, except the day I was leaving. Oh well.

    Kristy: Kokomo was fun, to say the least. And found the grotto, despite the rain. Walked over to it, stopping at the Fatima shrine on the way, and then went ot Mass at the Basilica after.