Monday, March 09, 2009

A Sad Day for Life

Today was a very sad day. Today life became more of a commodity and less something to cherish. Today is the start of millions and millions of more lives lost. Today we as a country took a step backwards in the respect for the dignity of human life.

Many will argue just the opposite. Those that think today was a victory for science will say that we will be saving lives after today's events. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. If a life can be saved, and that is a BIG if, millions of lives will be lost just to save that one.

So exactly what happened today? Today President Obama signed an executive order opening up research on embryonic stem cells. Apparently research on the more successful adult stems cells is not good enough. Research on embryonic stem cells destroys a life already created. It's basic biology: a unique sperm fertilizes a unique egg to create a new, unique set of DNA in an embryo. This embryo is a life and to harvest cells from it destroys it. What do we call it when we destroy a life?? Oh that's right: we call it murder.

I have found many other bloggers commenting on today's events who are much more articulate than I am. For some better perspectives on this I recommend reading these other posts:

Posted last night: You'll be Paying for more Human Destruction on Monday. This posting also lists all the pros and cons of both adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research. A very interesting list!!
And today from one of my favorite blogs for analysis of current events from a moral perspective: Did anyone doubt he'd do it?

I also tried to find a decent article on today's new executive order from the mainstream media. Didn't have much luck. I know Fox News was talking about it on TV tonight when I was making dinner, but I couldn't find anything specific on their website. I tried CNN and they had to bring in a whole bunch of other environmental stuff. Only about 25% of the online article even discussed embryonic stem cell research.

So I finally went to Life Site News. Their article, Obama Unleashes Taxpayer Funds for Embryonic-Destructive Research, has excerpts from the President's speech as well as perspectives from opponents, which is hard to find in the mainstream media.

In closing, I am disappointed but not surprised that this has happened. So far our new administration has reversed the Mexico City Policy that will start sending our tax dollars to other countries so they can perform abortions. And now we are going to allow scientists to destroy human life in the name of "research." According to Obama, "our government has forced what I believe is a false choice between sound science and moral values." And yet he calls himself a man of faith. I thought as people of faith we were to live our lives as faithful followers of Christ. So what happened to ethical science?

Science can be done morally and ethically without destroying human life. And we have that ability!! Adult stem cell research has time and again proven much more successful. And we won't be destroying human life in the process, we'll be respecting the dignity of it. That is living a faithful, Christian life.

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  1. Lynn B12:45 AM

    I saw a mainstream news story on it while EATING dinner, and they showed a lab tech doing something with what appeared to be an embryo (who knows), and I just froze in horror. Wanted to throw up. Dh and I looked at each other, unable to believe what we had just seen. The reality of it just sends my mind reeling. Hard to believe this is America, 2009. Poor babies.

    I see you read some of the same blogs I do. Thanks for the links. I have to say, this kind of thing drives me to prayer like never before, prayers for mercy and for the wisdom for everyone to make moral, evidence-based choices.