Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More commentary on Stem Cells

There is a lot of buzz throughout the blogosphere about the executive order signed yesterday in regard to opening up research on embryonic stem cells. Barb at SFO Mom wrote a short post today, No one is expendable, in which he lists several links to other bloggers' posts on this issue. So go check it out for more information and perspectives.

One of my favorites on her list is the posting from The Curt Jester. He has a nice commentary on the text of the President's speech from yesterday.

Something else I should point out that I didn't mention in my post from yesterday is that embryonic stem cell research has been going on for some time. But that research had to be privately funded. What the President did yesterday was open up this research to public dollars. That means our tax money. This is not the time to be using our tax dollars to fund abortions overseas, to fund embryonic-destructive stem cell research, and to do any number of other ridiculous things that are in the recent stimulus bill.

So even if you don't have any qualms or moral objections about killing embryos in the name of research, you should be concerned that we are going to be using our tax money for it now when adult stem cells have proven again and again to be much more stable and successful than embryonic-destructive research.

For more specifics on the pros and cons, check this unbiased site out: Stem Cell Research Facts.

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