Thursday, July 26, 2007

Potter is in the house!

I'm so excited!! My copy of the seventh Harry Potter book arrived in the mail today!! I'm dying to start it but I promised myself I would first finish the library book I currently have out.

Darn my busy life, I want to READ!!

Thankfully I only have about 3-4 more chapters left in the library book and then I'm moving on to the final Harry Potter book.

All the other books waiting to be read will just have to keep waiting. Potter automatically gets moved to the top of the stack.

Robin: you can't borrow it when you come see me this weekend; you'll have to come visit another time to get your hands on it!


  1. Man, I was really hoping that you would have the book read by this weekend so that I could borrow it and read it before the summer was over.

    :-( I guess I will have to make a special trip down to get it once you finish so hurry up and finish your other book. :-)

  2. Thanks for the offer to borrow your book, but another friend was wonderful enough to loan out his book since he was already done.

    Now I just have to work it into my somehow extremely crazy schedule.