Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wedding, weather, and much more

There is so much going on these days, I can barely keep up myself. The snow finally started going away today, but that's because it rained all day. However, we're expecting a wintery mix and below freezing temps. So lots of icy roads tomorrow, especially black ice! I think Cincinnati had about 6 inches of snow. I'd rather the snow than the ice. Hopefully it'll get warm enough in the morning to become slush. But that may be wishful thinking.

My veil is in!! The bridal shop called me yesterday to let me know. In other news: we have an appointment with a florist on Saturday. She came highly recommended and I expect to really like her. Also, we met with a cake baker/designer today and she raved about this florist too. The cake person was also highly recommended to us. We spoke to her for a while and she gave us three pieces of cake to take home and try. Chris ate all three of his pieces, I could only eat two (I'm saving the third for tomorrow). They were very good and we discussed what cake flavors and fillings we like. Chris is going to sign a contract with her and make the deposit. So we're on our way to getting all the big things taken care of!! Oh, and we're having our engagement pictures taken this coming Sunday!

There is so much more going on right now. We are in the process of making some changes to the Young Adult group at church and we are in the midst of helping to organize a mass at the Cathedral for young adults. We have help from other young adults from three other parishes, but Chris and I are the ones who know the Cathedral best, so we'll be doing most of the on site work and answering questions from everyone else. Plus, there is the NFP class and the homework we have to do for that. This time we have 6 weeks between classes, but we both have to do the reading.

Okay, so I'm watching the news now. Wow, I had no idea there was a blizzard happening just north of me! And we are now below freezing and they are calling for possible snow now, plus snow this weekend.

Time to say goodnight! Hope everyone has been having a good week! God Bless!!

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  1. Everything sounds so exciting and wonderfully falling into place. I really hope you didn't get a lot of ice and snow last night. Apparently, IU decided that the road conditions were bad enough to close campus today til noon. We got the wintery mix that you would prefer not to have with a bit of snow on top of it last night. The sun looks to be out now so hopefully that will help in the meltdown. Be careful traveling.