Monday, February 05, 2007

More snow and COLD

Sunday morning I got ready to leave for Church and was surprised to see snow everywhere! I hadn't looked outside at all and last I had heard we weren't supposed to get more snow. I was alreayd running a little behind, but quickly shoveled as much of the driveway as was necessary and headed out. Luckily it was early, not too many cars on the road, but I still took it slow. They were doing the processional when i got to Mass.

This morning the same thing, but I checked outside when i got up at 4:30, so I was prepared. I managed to quickly shovel the driveway a bit and got to church right on time: 6am.

Streets and sidewalks have pretty much cleared off, but it is darn cold out there. I checked the weather earlier this afternoon before I walked across campus to the main library and it was 11 degrees, but felt like -1!! I'm getting ready to leave work now, I think it is around 14 or so now. Public schools did cancel classes today, it was too cold. I hear this is happening throughout Ohio, upstate New York and other areas, so we're not alone on that one.

Have a great week!!


  1. Wow. Sounds like you guys are getting a good dose of snow and continuous snow at that. Beware more is expected tomorrow afternoon, 2-6 inches, I believe is what I read. I really hope this crazy insane snow stops before I head down this weekend.

    And yes it is extremely cold here as well. Registered -1 before the windchill here in Bloomington. Suppose to be 0 tonight and we are expected to get snow tomorrow afternoon as well.

    Stay warm and be careful.

  2. Are you getting hit with a lot of snow up there? It started snowing here around 11:00am or so and hasn't let up. I don't think it is going to. Parish Life Committee was cancelled for tonight, so I'm going home after work and not leaving. Stay warm!