Thursday, January 18, 2007

Update on the week

It's been another busy week here in Kentucky. Monday was a holiday, of course, so I didn't have to work. I went looking at wedding invitations instead and had lunch with a friend.

At work this week I have spent the majority of my time working on a book review for a journal in my field and meeting with my staff members to discuss goals for 2007. The book review was finally finished Thursday. It ended up being kind of fun to do. I reviewed a dictionary of music and had a good time looking up random things, flipping through and seeing what was on the pages I landed on, and following cross-references. I don't know when the review will be published, but probably in an upcoming 2007 issue. The journal is Music Reference Services Quarterly so if you have access to that one (*laugh*) check it out. :) Also, today I finally started writing a job description for a faculty position I want in my unit. It'll probably take a year to get approval for it and then another year to hire someone. So maybe by 2009 I'll have that position filled.

Last Friday Chris and I took our first NFP class. As Catholics we are opposed to using unnatural forms of birth control. So instead we will be tracking my fertility cycles using what we learn through this class. I have charts I fill out each day and as we go along and learn more we'll learn how to interpret the charts so we know when the best time to get pregnant is, or if we want to delay pregnancy, we'll know how to do that as well. It sounds a little complicated, but after one class I can see how easy it'll be to do the charts. Once we get the hang of it, it'll be easy. For now, of course, I'm totally on my own doing this. The other two couples in the class with us are both already married, so the husband can actually fill out the charts based on the information his wife gives him. They also say that the divorce rate for couples who use NFP is around 4%, as opposed to the national trend of 50%. It was definitely an interesting class and we learned a lot. Next class isn't until February.

Tomorrow evening (Friday) we start our two-day, Marriage Preparation class. We've been told that there are about 10-12 couples in the class and it is taught by a married couple. We talked about this with some friends last weekend who confirmed some of my suspicions about the class. We'll probably be the oldest or one of the oldest couples in the class, we'll also probably be bored as it'll be geared toward those younger, just-got-out-of-college couples, and we've already talked about many of the things this class is supposed to get you started talking about.

Okay, one more day of work and then it's the weekend!! Can't wait!

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