Thursday, December 04, 2014

Small Success Thursday, No. 15

Okay, so this wasn't this week, but it was just last week. And since I didn't do a small success post last week I'm taking the liberty to share more than two weeks worth of success. Since moving into our house a year and a half ago our front hall closet has been a mishmash of stuff. The coats are hung nicely, but everything else was thrown onto the shelf above: summer hats, winter hats, ball caps, scarfs, gloves, and even baby carriers. So I finally organized it all in neat baskets so that we can keep them organized. There are even names on each basket!
So clean looking!
Speaking of organizing, I organized my desk at work. AND cleaned it, too! I wish I had a picture of the clean space. Actually a before and after picture would have been nice, but I didn't think of it at the time. Oh my goodness, the stuff I threw away!! Tons of old papers that had no meaning any longer. Lots and lots and lots of old meeting notes, conference notes, hand outs for programs, workshops, software we no longer use. My desk was so bad that I had asked for an additional new desk organizer a couple months ago and it had arrived and then sat on my desk, on top of stacks of stuff, still in the box, for about two months. Ah, the irony! I've cleaned my desk here and there over the years, but not to this extent. It looks amazing, and yet I don't feel done yet. As we approach Christmas and we get less productive in the office, I want to tackle more of my filing cabinets and the carts sitting around my desk. I'm so motivated now!!

Invitations to our almost one year old's first birthday went out Wednesday. I'm so on top of things! And they are the cutest invitations too. I love them and can't wait for our family members to see them.

What are your small successes this week? Come on over to to share in the small success fun!


  1. Got the invitation today. Awww! He has changed so much! Nice job on organizing. I clean my office totally every 3 or 4 months and it always ends up back the way it was. It's a catch-all for a lot of stuff that isn't even mine, but still I wish I had a system. And some space. And some organizing supplies. Lovin' your personalized baskets in your closet!

    1. You got the invitation already! Wow!! I mailed them yesterday. That was crazy fast!

  2. Actually not really crazy fast considering where they came and where they went!

    I made two blog posts myself this week with a reflection on new beginnings on Sunday.

    I also wrote a Christmas letter, which I don't usually do but with the year I have had, it is much easier than trying to hand write all the experiences. Now just need to make the second side of pictures, print, and start addressing the cards!

    I made it safely to Bloomington and back to watch the IU basketball game and catch up with an old friend!