Thursday, November 06, 2014

Small Success Thursday, No. 12

I cleaned out my email inbox! I had been neglecting it for way too long. I logged in one night recently and saw the number of messages sitting in my inbox and was aghast at how big it had gotten. I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening whittling it down from 1100+ messages to around 200+. I'm on Gmail which now also divides your email into three default tabs. The other two tabs had gotten a little too large as well, so I worked on them, too. It's amazing how light I feel after getting rid of a bunch of virtual junk.

At work I completed the final piece of a project that's been hanging over my head since August. Actually, it was longer ago than that, but August was when I recruited a bunch of people to help me sort through the mess. They did a great job and I just needed to finish the job. I finally did it. I'm such a procrastinator!

Tuesdays are really hard days. Hubby has Adoration at 6 AM those mornings and usually goes right to work after. Which means I am on my own to get myself and the three kids ready and out the door, drop them at daycare, and get myself to work on time. Not an easy task! This time change in the fall helps so much. I always feel so much better at this time of year. Then there was Election Day this week. So, Hubby decided to come home after his Adoration Hour, have breakfast with us, and then we'd all go to our polling place to vote (a fire station!! My boys wanted so bad to climb into the fire trucks parked right next to where we were voting). I'm counting it as a small success that I actually managed to get up at 6:15 AM, feed the baby, get the boys dressed, and set them up in front of the TV while I showered all in a timely manner. When Hubby got home at 7:15, I was in the shower, all three boys were dressed, and the baby was back down for a nap. That is pretty impressive!

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  1. I want to know how you got that email inbox down to size! Mine is a MESS!

    1. It took real dedication. Not going to lie, it was HARD! But I had to think seriously about why I was keeping something. And once I started deleting, it got easier and easier. I always have idealist ideas of keeping things down and organizing everything into various mailboxes to make it more organized and such. Never happens. My work email is a different story. There are probably thousands of email messages I need to get rid of there. I may be an email hoarder.

  2. I recently deleted a bunch of emails, too! I am always afraid to do that because I usually forget an appointment or meeting that way. Making it through your Tuesday sounds exhausting! Glad you got it all done! Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Jaime! Glad you were able to delete a bunch of emails, too!! Isn't it freeing? :) Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Hope you have a good week, too!