Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catholic Writer's Award: Receiving and Giving

The lovely Lynda at Flowers for Francis blessed my blog with this delightful Catholic Writer's Award, originating at Melanie Jean Juneau's blog. I love beautiful art such as that included in this award. It just makes it even more special.

I'm touched to receive this award. And although I see that there are no rules associated with it, it seems only right that the blessings should be passed on. So I am going to do just that! Here are my picks for a few deserving blogs (just a few, because I could literally list 2 or 3 dozen):

  • The Breadbox Letters by Nancy Shuman. Another Kentuckian with an exquisite blog. Actually she has more than one, and I would follow all of them, but then I'd have to drop something else. So I'm sticking with this one for now. But if you visit her blog, check out her other writings too. I know she'll appreciate this award because the art work is right up her ally, and that'll be evident as soon as you land on her page.
  • My friend Michelle's enchanting blog Tales from the Side of the Tub. Michelle and I met online several years ago, are now Facebook friends, have been able to meet IRL [In Real Life] once, and we both write for Catholic Sistas. She's the mom of eleven and has such awesome kids. And they are always saying or doing hilarious things. So she's chronicling them on this blog. I especially love her story of why she named the blog as she did and I'm even going to link it for you so you can check it out HERE.
  • Another favorite of mine is My Favorite People by another friend. She's the mom of six and her youngest is only a day younger than my Silas. She and I also know each other through an online community and we did meet once when I was on a business trip to Dallas. But she's a Midwest girl now! Her children are beautiful and are her favorite people. She shares all about them on her blog. I love seeing her almost daily posts of what her favorite people are up to. 
There are so, so many others I could add to this list, but I need to stop somewhere. From my understanding of the award:

The award has no strings attached.
No rules, no obligations.
A simple acknowledgment of great Catholic writing which brings joy, truth, freedom, or encouragement to others.
It can be someone who writes about prayer; their struggles and pain, bringing hope to others; life in God; faith stories that make you laugh.
Pass this award on to a fellow Catholic writer or two.
Post the recipients name and blog if applicable, award title, logo with a simple link back to http://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/.

Happy blog reading!!


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Thank you Kerri!! I feel so blessed to have you as my friend! I love reading about your boys and your life and can't wait until we get to meet up again :) Thank you so much for honoring me in this way! <3


  2. Thank you, Kerri! I DO appreciate the award, more than I can say... and yes, indeed the artwork is right up my alley :)! The painting on it is one that always makes me smile.