Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's A New Faucet, Happy Anniversary!

Sunday was our anniversary. Six whole years of married life. Unfortunately it kind of went by us with barely a notice. But we did get something new on Sunday: a kitchen faucet.

We knew we had to do something about the kitchen faucet shortly after we moved into this house. First, we didn't like the sink and second, the faucet started dripping almost as soon as we started using it on a regular basis. We also discovered other leaking under the sink: the disposal and other mystery leaks. During all of this we were investigating how to replace the sink.

Replacing the sink turned out to be harder than we expected.

Plan A: find someone who can supply the matching granite in the kitchen so we can replace just that section and in the process get a sink that is functional and replace the disposal and faucet.

Plan A didn't work out. Apparently the quarry that supplied that granite is no longer mining it.

Plan B: replace the sink only. The reason this was not Plan A was because the sink was an over-mount sink and we preferred to have an under-mount. The problem was the hole that was cut for the sink that is currently there. Once we started looking for an over-mount we couldn't find something that fit the hole. The work that was done to remodel our kitchen (whenever that was) was poorly done. That becomes more and more evident with every project we take on. After a bit of research and lots of measuring, Hubby realized that simply replacing just the sink (and all the fixtures) was not going to work.

So we gave up on Plan B.

Plan C: replace the granite throughout the kitchen. We tried to avoid this as much as possible, but in the end we decided this was really best. However, we are leaving the island the way it is (and Hubby plans on doing something different with the island, eventually). Hubby found a good deal on a new disposal and late last week he ordered a nice, new faucet. We had everything measured, picked out a new sink, and we are now waiting for everything to come together.

Saturday we spent the morning running errands. Got home for lunch and in the process of putting lunch together for the boys and us, Hubby found water on the floor. On closer inspection it was a lot of water, coming from under the sink. Hubby never got lunch on Saturday, he ended up spending the day trying to fix the faucet. Poor guy. The lasagna that was planned for that night got nixed and it ended up being a pizza night. In the end, the leak was finally found near the top of the hose on the faucet.

By Sunday, Hubby decided a new temporary faucet was in order. So on our anniversary we got a new faucet. Not one we plan on keeping though. Just the cheapest one we could find to get us through another few weeks or so.

We'll be donating the temporary faucet to the Habitat Restore once we no longer need it.

Seems funny to me that we had to buy a faucet shortly after we had just ordered a new one. But the good news is that we no longer have any leaking (besides the bit of a leak coming from the current disposal) or constant dripping from the faucet itself.

I'll have to take a picture of the current sink so you can see just how non-functional it is. And of course, plenty of after pictures once we get everything together. I can't wait!!

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  1. New faucet and a leaking-problem solved. What a great Anniversary gift! It’s not the usual gift you may receive, but thinking of all the benefits it can give you, it might just be the best one. Haha! Isn't it a total relief to have removed this from your to-repair list? Also, this makes both of you concentrate on replacing your sink.

    Leeanne @ MasterMyList.com