Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

Time for another update!! Lots about the pregnancy, the baby, and some updates on the boys. Enjoy!

How far along? 28 weeks! Hello, third trimester!! So hard to believe we are here. Last pregnancy, this was the first goal that we hoped I would make. Chances of survival at this time is 95%. This is such a great place to be.

How big is baby: According to my sources, the baby is about two and a quarter pounds and 14.8 inches long (roughly the size of a Chinese cabbage). That kind of shocks me!! I can't believe baby is already that big!

Cravings/Aversions: Still nothing. I feel great!

Belly Button: Just when I think it can't possibly change much more and it's got to pop out at any, it continues to widen.

Movement: So much moving around! I think I can tell when baby is head down versus not depending on where I feel the most movement. Hubby has been feeling baby moving and kicking around a lot. Peter won't touch my belly when I ask him if he wants to feel the baby. I think it freaks him out. Ethan will put his hand there, but he's not patient enough so he hasn't felt anything yet.

Cute story: I was feeling the baby move around a lot and wanted to take the opportunity to see if the boys could feel the baby. Of course, I stopped feeling much movement at that point. I had pulled my shirt up just a bit and I gently shook my belly to get the baby to move some. Well! That was all Ethan needed to see. He proceeded to put both his hands on my belly and shake, laugh, and do it again. He never felt the baby, but he was having fun.

Leg cramps: They're back!! I've had several recently. I seem to be getting them in the morning anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half before I usually get up. And many of these I seem to catch just as they start. This is good for Hubby, because then I don't wake him up. However, this past Sunday morning I got another doozy of a leg cramp. Hubby had to help me but then as soon as he let go, I swung my legs around to get out of bed and it started again. I could feel the pain in my calf throughout the whole rest of the day. Especially walking up or down the stairs. Ouch!!

And I won't even mention the restless leg issues. Those are still there too.

Sleep: Definitely starting to get a little harder to get comfortable.

Weight gain: I'm happily ignorant at the moment. And I'm okay with that!

Ultrasound: Tuesday was ultrasound day and it looks like it may be my last one. Cervical length was right around 3 cm. This is the bottom of "normal" but at this point in the pregnancy, it's actually a good place to be. I asked lots of questions, one of which was: when does the cervix start to shorten naturally for a woman in a normal pregnancy (i.e., no history like mine). The answer: usually starting around 28 weeks. It's usually a pretty slow process. In my case we have no idea what it will do. I also asked about the progesterone I am taking and was told I will probably stay on it until about 34 weeks. I was expecting it to be a few weeks past that, but 34 is doable. Overall, it was a good appointment. Got to see the baby again (still head down), verified that the placenta has definitely moved out of the way of the cervix, and took a couple 3D pictures.

Appointment: Next one is this coming Monday. I have several new questions suddenly. Another tidbit of info I learned at my ultrasound appointment was that Dr. M is also expecting again and due just before me, like one week! I kind of wondered at my last appointment with her, but I wasn't sure so didn't want to ask. Very happy for her, but wondering what that means. I told Hubby tonight I'm either going to be delivering with a very pregnant OB or she'll have already delivered and I'll end up with either someone I don't know or maybe (hopefully?) either Dr. O or Dr. H, the MFMs I'm already familiar with. I also joked with Hubby that we might need to have another baby after this one just so we can actually deliver at least one child with my actual doctor. LOL! He didn't find that as amusing as I did.

The Big Brothers: Besides just always being incredibly cute, they are also learning to love football and showing off their Gamecock spirit (courtesy of Peter's godparents):
Watching the disappointing game against Georgia

Brotherly love in front of our house.
Thank you, Craig and Anne, for our Gamecock shirts!

They also love playing on their bikes on the back driveway.
Peter works his way back up the hill

Ethan showing off his cool bike
Names: I'm just waiting for Hubby at this point. I'm done discussing it.

The To-Do List:

  • I have one appointment set up with a new-to-us pediatrician. I also just learned that a new pediatrician has been hired in the practice. So I may also set up an appointment with her. Plus there is a family doctor I'm still considering. So some progress is being made.
  • I'm looking into birth classes and have some ideas. Need to just talk with Hubby more about our options.
  • Stroller: been put on hold. Temporarily.
  • Cloth diapers are sold!
  • Baby carriers: haven't really done much research, but I know when the babywearing support group in the area meets and I think I'm holding off until I can get to that and see some various options. I really would like to try an Ergo, though. Just don't want to spend the money on it until I can really see it.
  • The boys, labor, what's going to happen? We have time. I hope.
  • Godparents: we know who we want to ask. Just haven't had the opportunity yet.
  • Baptism: still plenty of time.
New on the list:
  • Paint the boys' new room. We have colors picked out, which means we have a plan!
  • Buy mattresses for the boys' new beds.
  • Decide what to do with the baby room (paint it? don't paint it? take one crib out (won't need two!))
  • See if we can arrange to take a postpartum NFP class. I have spoken to someone about it. Just haven't followed up.
Prayers: Thank you all for the prayers, not just for me but for the other intentions I asked for prayers for. If you could still keep friend M in your prayers, I'd appreciate it. She had her baby girl (so cute!!) right at 35 weeks. Baby did really well. Mom had some difficulties and required an emergency hysterectomy. She's home now and recovering, but I know she'd appreciate prayers. Please also continue to pray for friend A and please also add friend L. Friend L is 21 weeks, has been put on modified bed rest, and has a placenta previa. She also has a young toddler at home. There are several other friends I have in difficult pregnancies. So prayers for all ladies in difficult pregnancies.

St. Gerard, pray for us!

That's the update this week!! Yay for being in the third trimester. Hope to have more to share next week.

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