Thursday, June 13, 2013

Discovering Television

At two years old, my boys don't watch any television. Well, at least not until recently. Before now, we never had it on when they were up. If we did, they showed no interest.

I occasionally put it on the public broadcasting channel to watch cartoons when one of them was sick. Even then, they showed almost no interest. I love this! They don't know characters yet, no Thomas the Train or Dora or whatever character kids are into these days. All fine with me! The longer we put that off, the better.

But they have now discovered TV. We watch one show with them before bed and they love it!

Yes. My boys love Wheel of Fortune. Who would have thunk?! It's so cute, too.

They sit quietly on the couch, they clap every time the studio audience claps, they are enraptured by the spinning wheel, and they sometimes catch the letters the contestants ask for and repeat them. So we're learning some too. Maybe. And when a puzzle is solved, Peter knows it and starts asking for more. I laugh every time. He claps and then immediately starts making the more sign and saying more.

When the show ends, we wait until Pat and Vanna say goodbye so the boys can say goodbye and then we go up to bed.

If they are going to watch something on TV, I can't think of a better thing to watch at this age. Maybe they'll learn their letters this way too. Bonus!


  1. That is so great. Good taste, guys - Wheel of Fortune rocks!! I loved this :)

  2. My little granddaughter loved "Wheel" also - when she was two!

  3. I love this! Our old TV doesn't pick anything up, so my kids only know the characters of the DVDs we choose. And do you do signs? So do we!

    1. Yes! We do use signs. Love them!