Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By "Choice" Blog Day

In all the testimonials I have ever read or heard from someone who has had an abortion, there are some commonalities in all of them. First of all, they all felt like they did not have a choice. Secondly, they thought, at the time, that abortion was their only choice. And finally, they wish someone had told them that there was a better choice.

It is heart breaking to read those stories or hear those testimonials. You can see the regret on their faces, you can feel it behind their words.

Didn't have a choice.

It was the only choice.

I wish someone had told me I had a different choice.

It is not a choice when you tell a pregnant woman who finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy situation that her only choice is to have an abortion. Especially not when her other choices aren't explained to her fully. And especially not when the only choice she is presented with is not given with all the information.

Is that what you mean by "choice," pro-abortion advocates? Do these women truly understand the choice they are making?

You may think they do, but do you really know. Do they understand that there is a separate individual developing inside of them who already has a beating heart? Do they understand that this "choice" will stop that beating heart and murder that developing human? Do they understand that this "choice" is major surgery, what the complications are, what the risks are? Do they know that post-abortive women have higher rates of suicide than other women?

If the answer is no to any one of those questions (and probably a litany of others), then these women were not given a choice.

Choice is not advocating for one method for all women. Abortion is not a "one-size fits all" solution to every unplanned pregnancy. And no one should have to make a "choice" without all the information in front of them.

I don't know what your definition of choice is, pro-abortion advocates, but it is not the same one I use. I believe that if women were given ALL the facts about abortion and told with complete honesty what ALL their choices were, we wouldn't have lost over 55 million babies in the last 40 years.

This post was written as part of the 3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By "Choice" Blog Day hosted by Jill Stanek.
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  1. yes....finish the sentence....'this is a woman's right to choose.....WHAT!!!!!!????

  2. You are right--many feel like they don't have a choice. I worked for years with an at-risk population and the stories I'd hear--were all like that.
    Such a sad day--I join you in prayer.
    I'd love to stay connected with you, a fellow Catholic mommy blogger. I blog over at www.dosmallthingswithlove.com
    I'm happy to be your latest follower.

    1. Nancy, thanks for visiting my blog!! I will check out your blog as well! Always like finding new bloggers, especially Catholic mom bloggers. :)