Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Smiles, no. 19

Hubby with his boys
I'm going to be honest ... it's been a rough week. Between being sick, one child being sick, and the presidential election, I'm just glad the week is over. I'm still not feeling well as I write this, but I am home alone in an empty house. Ahhhhh! So, no better time than the present to reflect on the blessings this week also contained.

Wednesday I got the phone call at work that one of the boys wasn't feeling well. I called my husband because he had the van with the car seats. He went and picked up the sick boy and took him home. But the question was, how do we get healthy boy at the end of the day? I had spiritual direction right after work (which was why Hubby had the van in the first place) and he had a meeting at 4 PM that he really needed to be at.

I gave him two options:
1. I cancel my appointment for spiritual direction and come home by 3:30 so he can go back to work. He could take the van and pick up the healthy child on his way home.
2. I keep my appointment and he misses his meeting, I come home at lunch to switch cars and after spiritual direction I can pick up the healthy child on my way home.

I fully expected Hubby to choose option 1. I was surprised when he chose option 2 instead. He seemed concerned that this was a meeting that he had to be at, and yet he chose the option that meant he had to miss this important meeting. I was willing to reschedule my thing, but I wanted him to make this decision since either way, he had to leave work to begin with because he had the only car that could transport our children.

I don't know if he chose the way he did because he felt like my spiritual direction was more important or if he decided that as long as he was home he might as well stay there? Either way, I recognized that he gave up something, completely changing his plans, for me and my plans. It made me smile because he made a sacrifice for me, small as it might have been in the grand scheme of things, and it allowed me to continue working on my spiritual growth.

Thank you, Jesus, for the wonderful man you have given to me.


  1. It's those little things-isn't it? Small things with great love. Thanks for sharing!