Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making Some Changes

I'm making changes, though probably not enough.  Sure, I need to lose weight which probably means getting rid of the remaining Easter candy and moving my body more.  And something has got to change with the nap schedule.  [Are we really moving to one nap a day ALREADY!?!?!]  It's getting hard to get any work done anymore!!  But those aren't the changes I'm making right now.

I've given the blog a slight face lift.  If you only read via a blog reader or RSS feed, click on over to see some of the new things I've added.  I kept the background the same but changed the layout a bit.  I also finally added "pages" to the top of the blog.  Hooray!!

Okay, so pages, or tabs, aren't completely new, but I don't think having just the one "Home" tab really counts as much.  Now I have two more.

One tab in particular will be a continual work in progress and I hope my readers will check it out and share more resources than what I've already listed.  It is labeled "Pregnancy Loss Resources."  It's a pretty small list right now because I know there are many more resources out there than what I've already listed.  But this is just the beginnings and mostly off the top of my head (and past my bedtime).  So more to come on that and I hope if you know of a good resource (particularly Catholic ones) you'll share it so I can add it to the list.

Wouldn't it be great to have a really good comprehensive list of resources on pregnancy loss, particularly from a Catholic standpoint, that is easy to share with someone?  I think so!!  It was the one thing I looked for after my first loss and never really found.  There is more out there now, thank goodness, but we still need a one-stop-shop.  I hope this can be one of those places.

Thank you, faithful readers, for following my blog and for any helpful resources you are willing to share to help others during times of pregnancy loss.  May God bless you abundantly.

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