Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Saint for 2012

I went over to the Saint's Name Generator this weekend, said a prayer for the saint who would choose me this year, clicked the button, and out came:

St. Anthony of Padua

An interesting choice!  He's a popular saint and yet I realized I didn't know him all that well.  Of course, I knew him as the saint for "lost things," but otherwise I was surprised at the things listed under his patronage:

Patronage: Against Infertility; American Indians; Amputees; Animals; Elderly People; Faith in the Blessed Sacrament; Lost Articles; Mariners; Oppressed People; Pregnant Women; Travellers.

I did a Cursillo retreat in 2009 and my table was the Sts. Anthony and Jude table (we were lost and hopeless souls!).  I've been interested in St. Jude since, but didn't think much about St. Anthony.  I guess it is time I did!

So I will be spending 2012 praying with St. Anthony, getting to know him better, and asking for his intercession when I have prayer intentions.

Want a saint for the year?  Check out the Saint's Name Generator.  Also on that page are links to why Catholics pray "to" saints, how the Church chooses saints, and what a patron saint is.


  1. You got a good one there!

    I recommend a book called "A Rich Young Man" if you want to read his life story. He really is fascinating.

    I will get a saint for 2012 at my Secular Franciscan meeting, where patron saints are chosen for each member every January.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I will have to check it out. Maybe there is a Kindle version I can get for my new toy. :)

    Are the saints you get from your Franciscan meeting all Franciscans, or is it a mix of saints?

  3. As always, thanks so much for helping bring me back to my faith and seek ways to pray.

    The Lord provides in interesting ways. After a short prayer, I hit the Saint's Name Generator and received St. Elizabeth of Portugal.

    Feast: July 4

    Patronage: Against Jealousy; Brides; Charitable Societies; Charity Workers; Difficult Marriages; Falsely Accused People; Invoked in Time of War; Peace; Tertiaries; Victims of Adultery; Victims of Jealousy; Victims of Unfaithfulness; Widows

  4. St Anthony rocks! He has helped us in so many ways over the years, not just lost stuff, although there's been a LOT of that. A really special friend :)

  5. Benita C6:58 PM

    St. Anthony of Padua is right up there with St. Theresa of Avila (and Liseux), St. Hannah and St. Monica as one of my favorites.

    I prayed as I clicked the button, and my saint for 2012 is:

    St. Edwin of Northumbria:
    Oct. 12

    Patronage: Converts; Homeless People; Kings; Large Families

    Since I'm a convert, which showed me that God was listening to me as I prayed while clicking the button.

    I look forward to learning more about him. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Robin: Very cool saint!

    Benita: How neat is that, what a perfect saint. Have fun getting to know him this year. :)