Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Progress, Maybe

Back in September I wrote a long post called Seeking Answers in which I shared some of the research and reading I had done on estrogen dominance and the effects on our bodies of estrogen in the environment.  I had meant to do an update on changes I've made sooner than this.  If you haven't read the first post, I recommend it.  It is a little long, but contains some links to some good articles I had found.  It's always worthwhile to educate ourselves.

The changes we've made so far are fairly simple things.  Here's a quick list:
  • At work, I got rid of the plastic cup I kept there and replaced it with a ceramic mug
  • I bought actual silverware to keep at work as well and got rid of the plastic-ware.  I've only accidentally thrown away one fork and one spoon so far.  Good thing I bought a four piece set.
  • I can't switch entirely to organic products, but I have switched to organic yogurt.
  • I have also added a vitamin B6 supplement to my diet.  I bought 100 mcg tablets that my husband cuts in half and I take one half with breakfast, another half at lunch, and my multivitamin at dinner.  From talking to a friend who was also taking a B6 supplement for a related issue, what I am taking is a very small dose, but it's a start.
  • We got rid of quite a bit of our plastic storage containers.  We bought several glass storage containers in different sizes.  We didn't replace everything, but quite a bit of it.  We still have some plastic storage containers, but for the most part we are using the glass.
  • We no longer heat anything up in the microwave in plastic, it all has to be in glass or on a plate or bowl.  This is easier now since we have much more glass storage anyway.
  • Finally, I have stopped buying those mini carrots.  I love the convenience of them, but have opted for regular carrots that require peeling and chopping.  Not sure if this really makes a difference and it wasn't in anything I read, just my own decision.  Based on the principle that whole and real is always better than processed.
In my original post I mentioned that I had an appointment coming up in October that I was referring to as the "Clomid appointment."  Well, I did go to that appointment, though I should have canceled (ah, well, the co-pay isn't that bad).  The nurse and my doctor both noticed that I had lost weight!  At that point I was about 14 pounds down, enough that it was noticable.  And by the time I attended that appointment my cycles were starting to look normal and I had ovulated a couple times.  Definitely an improvement over previous times when I waited months to ovulate even once.  So ultimately we decided that clomid wasn't necessary at this time.  The whole purpose of clomid is to help you ovulate which I'm obviously doing.  So we're giving it a couple more months before we discuss things further.

As for my weight loss.  I'm pretty much holding steady at the 14-15 pounds I lost.  With the holidays approaching, I think I'll be happy to hold that and start again in the New Year.  That is, unless something happens between not and then!

So that's the update and kind of where we are at the moment.  I think the changes I've made are good ones and are all very simple things to do.  There are probably more things I could do and may make some more changes over time.  For now, one thing at a time, small steps.


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! I'm also trying to slowly transition from our plastic use, starting by at least not reheating in plastic.

  2. Hey, that's pretty impressive progress! I would be excited. Congrats on all the steps you have taken to be healthy - I hope more good things follow :)

  3. The hardest part about not reheating in plastic is when you bring leftovers to work for lunch. Hubby does that more than I do, but it is a pain to carry those glass containers back and forth. The only plastic that still goes in the microwave are when I have those frozen meals, which is most work days. But at least it is only a one-use thing.

    Lynn: We hope so too!!! :)