Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring in the Bluegrass

It's spring!! A little early for the Bluegrass, but I think the 80 degree temps today are just a taste of what's down the pike in another couple months. We'll be back in the 60s again before too long. But it's great to see flowers coming up and trees blooming, to sleep with the windows open, and to see the sun when I leave for work and it's still there on my way home!!

Now is also a good time to review those New Year Resolutions I made!

Posting on the blog more: well, I'm attempting and not doing too bad. I don't want to overwhelm the blog, but I don't want to lose readers either because I'm so slack on posting. Not sure if I have found that balance, though I'm sure I'm nowhere near being overwhelming. Anyone care to comment??

Daily Rosary: Doing good!! We've missed an occasional night here and there, but otherwise, we manage it almost every night. And we've gotten to the point that I'm not the only one remembering that we have to do it. I consider that an accomplishment!

Read more: I have finished four books this year. Not too bad in three months. Of course, I had a list of six to read during Lent and that didn't happen. Obviously I sometimes set out-of-reach goals. (Who me??) I'm also very close to finishing book number 5. Look for a post on that coming soon.

Healthier Lifestyle: This resolution was made in the hope of losing some weight, though that wasn't really the overall goal. However, I have lost about 5% of my body weight since the beginning of the year. Overall, I think I'm making some wiser choices and doing well. We currently have quite a bit of Easter candy in the house, but hey, it's the Octave of Easter, these are feast days! Seriously though, haven't lost much in a while, but I'm holding steady. I'll take that for now.

So that's it on the resolutions. Anyone else still keeping track of the resolutions you made in January??

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