Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Storm Heaven with Prayers

I am making every attempt to ask everyone I know to please offer some prayers for a little girl who desperately needs them. If you are able, please help us storm heaven with prayers.

A friend of mine has an eight year old daughter who is in the hospital and very sick. Her name is Meredith and her illness is very sudden and still somewhat unexplainable. At this point there seems to still be more questions than answers. Right now all I am trying to do is ask for prayers for this little girl and her family.

Please ask your favorite saints for their prayers as well. Our Catholic faith has a wonderful teaching that the saints in heaven are there to help intercede for us with God. I was told this weekend that one of my favorite saints, St. Philomena, is one who is very effective for sick children since she herself died young (she was martyred when she was about 14); she's the patron saint of babies, infants, and youth. St. Philomena is also considered to be very close to God and often not denied her requests.

So I will be praying to God as well as asking for the intercessory prayers of our Mother Mary, St. Philomena, and my own children, Casey and Zachary. I hope you will join us with your prayers as well and help us storm heaven with prayers for this little girl.

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