Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sign the United Nations Petition

I heard a radio spot today that I had to find out more about and once I did I knew I had to share it with whoever I could. Thus, the reason for this post.

On December 10, 2008, pro-abortion organizations will be presenting a petition to the United Nations to make abortion a universally recognized human right. This is something that would be devastating to generations of children!! This can not happen.

So the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute has set up an alternate petition. 100,000 signatures are required for this alternate petition to be submitted. This has to happen before December 10, 2008!! Please go to the following site, read the petition and click on the link to sign the petition, then encourage others you know to do the same.

Also, on the website you can listen to the radio spot to learn a bit more. December 10 is the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. Let's not let this Declaration be reversed!!

In the words of the late Pope John Paul II: "A nation that aborts its own children is a nation without hope. Those who love and want to defend life must act not."

Life is a fundamental human right! Without life we would have no need to worry about the economy, the environment, taxes, or anything else. Please give all persons the right to life by signing this petition. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, say a prayer of thanks for the life you've been given and for the lives that all need to be saved.

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