Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blue 2.0: Facebook

The second social networking site I had to look at is Facebook. Comparing this one to MySpace I have to say that this is a much more user friendly site. I used my personal email address rather than my UK address so I was not automatically added to the UK Community. I tried to find it but kept getting the message "Search is not currently available." I also went looking for the "Blue 2.0 at UK Libraries" group and for the same "Search is not currently available" note. So far, looking for any groups or communities are not working for me. Someone said this was fun to use???

I did find my sister and now have three friends: her, her boyfriend, and someone I know from High School. Otherwise, I haven't really gone looking for anyone else. I've been busy with a lot of things lately and spending time adding friends to a web page seems like a bit of a waste of my time. Maybe when I have more time later I'll see if looking up long lost friends is worth it. As long as the search function works!!

I did join a group. It's called "My name is Scannell (like flannel)." Several of my cousins are also members as well as a few people I don't know from Ireland and other parts of the US. That was kind of cool to see that site.

That's all I've done so far. I think once this Blue 2.0 stuff is over I'll definitely be deleting the MySpace profile, but I'm willing to leave Facebook up for now.


  1. You have another new friend. I don't go out adding people much myself but overtime have developed several friends. I haven't really played around with MySpace much but I like the basics behind Facebook. Welcome!

  2. Hey, thanks for being my friend! I'll have to go check the site out again and see your page. I have to agree, MySpace is not something I think I'll be continuing on. Facebook on the other hand, doesn't seem to bad a site and it doesn't hurt to have it out there. Chris was actually thinking maybe he'd check it out too and see if he can locate people from his high school!

  3. I will say that our generation and older are not as huge of a population at this time on Facebook, but I have definitely seen the growth in our age bracket to it in the last few months. You will see that the majority of my friends are from Georgetown. I have only found a couple high school friends thus far, but again I dont necessarily go out looking for people. Reason why my Indiana list is quite small as well because most people have been around forever and arent going looking for people they already know.