Thursday, March 06, 2008

Play Week with Blue 2.0, Part 1

This two week session in Blue 2.0 is called "Play week." We were given a number of different activities we could participate in and we have to blog about our experiences.

So one of the activities is to set up a personal portal. The recommended place to do this is Pageflakes. However, I didn't use this one. They also recommended using iGoogle. I already have an iGoogle page and I use it as my homepage on my home computer. I love having a personalized homepage that I've designed.

On my iGoogle page I have a cute scene on the top half that I chose. It has a little pond in the middle, a small Japanese-style hut on the right with a little dock into the water, and some orange trees on the right side of the pond. There is a little fox who occupies the house and te surrounding areas. When I chose the scene I put in my time zone and the scene changes with the time of day in my time zone. Right now the fox is sitting on the dock playing a ukelele for the ducks in the pond. At other times he's having lunch, picking oranges, looking at the stars, or other things.

Under my cute little scene, I have several little gadgets. I have a Saint of the Day (today is St. Colette), the How to of the Day, a date and time clock, Quotes of the Day, Lexington weather, and my Google calendar. And because I'm a librarian I also have a search box for

Like I said above, I love having my own personalized homepage. It's very cool. Okay, now on to part two of Play Week.

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