Sunday, February 03, 2008

New England in KY

It's almost Super Bowl time!! We decided to stay at home this year and watch the Superbowl here. No parties, just us. But we're doing it right.

Chris is preparing New England Clam Chowder for dinner and we'll finish it off with a Boston Creme Pie that he started making yesterday and finished up today.

Guess who we're rooting for??

Enjoy the game!!


  1. You are rooting for the New York Giants :-) or maybe not. Sounds like a fun evening.

  2. I'm from New Jersey, so I have to say "Yay, Giants!" That was one great super bowl!

    But that New England dinner does sound nice... Hope you had a great night despite the outcome of the game!

  3. We did have a nice night, despite the outcome of the game.

    Though I have to agree: it was definitely an exciting game.