Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy 1st Sunday of Advent

Advent has begun. I have added an advent wreath to my blog. Isn't it cool!!

We also took out all the Christmas decorations this weekend and Chris finished putting all that stuff up. There isn't room for my tree, but we did get al my ornaments on his tree. His tree no longer looks so "designed"! I counted 9 wreathes around the house, inside and out! Quite amazing, I think.

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas!! Happy Advent season!


  1. 9 wreaths? wow, I don't even own a wreath! :) Actually what we hang on our door is some kind of modified wreath thing that the previous homeowners left in the attic. Its pretty neat so we kept it instead of buying a new wreath for our new house, well, four years ago! Nice advent wreath on the blog, btw!

  2. Thanks, Tara!! Good to hear from you!! I hope you and your husband and the kids are doing well. Thanks for visiting my blog, it's so nice to know that my friends are still reading it.

    It was so wonderful to see you recently, I hope you enjoyed the wedding. Thanks for coming up for it!! Have a Merry Christmas and I hope to talk to you more soon!!