Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catholics Not Welcome

Apparently the city of San Francisco has condemned the Catholic Church! What?? Condemned the Church?? Yes, that's right. The only article I can find on the topic is from World Net Daily. See the whole article here:

I was shocked to read that by issuing this resolution the city was asking the Archdiocese to disobey the Vatican!! What in the world is that all about!! Obviously the city government in San Francisco doesn't understand the relationship between the Vatican and its archdioceses.

After reading this article I am amazed that a city thinks it can openly discriminate against an entire religious group based on different moral principles. This is blatant discrimination!

What amazes me is that the liberal people who hate the Church and want to rid San Francisco of it are the same that push for "equal rights" for every other group under the sun, as long as it's not a religious or conservative group. On the other hand, the Catholic Church (and other religious groups, I'm sure) don't "hate" the people who oppose them. The Church prays for all people. The Church wants all people to find love and holiness. Why is that bad?

It comes down to misunderstanding. The Church is misunderstood. In the United States of America a city can not kick a Church out. And a city has no right to tell any organization what it can and can not believe. And what the city of San Francisco has to understand is that the Church is not telling the city what to believe either. The Church is a teacher; it teaches with the hope that others will listen and even if they don't agree will be open to understanding. The Church acts through faith, hope, and charity. Is that such a bad thing that the Church has to be condemned!

Be sure to read the article to the very end. This is not an isolated case. Other things are stirring around the world and it is very scary.

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