Monday, June 23, 2008

Cool New Website!!

My favorite local radio station has just rolled out a brand new (and much improved) website. I have only just now gone to take a look, but I can already see that there is a lot to check out on it. Here's the address:

You can listen to the station through the website (which is what I do at work in the afternoons). Also, they are posting diocesan events and podcasts of many of those events (see Events Calendar under Community). Some things to check out:

First, Theology on Tap is currently going on and all are being recorded and posted as podcasts on the site.

Second, beginning this past April 1 the Bishop's Cathedral Series began. Chris and I missed the April lecture that the Bishop did, but we managed to get to the May lecture that Fr. Baima from Chicago did (excellent, go listen to it!!) and to the June lecture. The Bishop will be doing the final session for this year next week on July 1. It too will be posted as a podcast eventually.

Also, the calendar for Rock the Collar is finally posted!! This is an awesome ministry that our seminarians began last year. Check out the schedule and go see them if they are stopping at a parish near you. It's great to meet them and give them encouragement in their vocation.

Another word about the podcasts, you do have to register on the site to have access to the podcasts. I know it gets difficult to have so many accounts everywhere but this is one that is worth it. If nothing else the Bishop's series contains some great theology. Our own Bishop (doing the first and fourth lectures) is a great speaker and, although I missed the first talk, I am sure it was great. I know for a fact that Fr. Baima's lecture was awesome! Go check it out if you have a chance, I will be soon! I want to hear the first talk Bishop Gainer did and I want to listen to Fr. Baima's talk a second time.

Hope you enjoy looking through the Real Life Radio website. Lots of good stuff!!

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