Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrating Life

I heard something on the radio on the way home from work today that I have to share. It was such an amazing story with a happy ending that will take place with a wonderful celebration of life this Saturday. At the same time we'll be having our own celebration of life!!

On Saturday July 12 at 8:00am we will be attending mass at our home parish with many family and friends as well as members of our church community. During the mass the life of our baby, Casey Marie, will be remembered. Although we never got to see or hold our baby, Casey was still a precious life created by God and given to us for a very short time. We feel blessed to have been in cooperation with God in the creation of a new life for His kingdom. And we're looking forward to this opportunity to celebrate Casey's life.

I heard today that at 8:00am on Saturday morning in Bethleham, PA at the Church of Notre Dame, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life will be baptizing two babies who were saved from abortion. I was listening to him tell the story about how these mothers chose life instead of abortion and he mentioned that he would be baptising them this Saturday. One of his points in telling the story was to show how effective sidewalk counselors and those who spend time praying outside abortion mills can be in helping to change peoples minds to choose life. One mother changed her mind after talking to one of the sidewalk counselors outside the abortion mill she was about to enter. The other mother took a flier from the counselors outside the abortion clinic, started looking at it after she was inside and once she read the flier she immediately decided she couldn't do this to her child and she got up and walked out.

So on Saturday morning, we'll be remembering the small life of the child we have in heaven and up in Pennsylvania two mothers will be celebrating the baptisms of the babies that they chose life for. It is important to celebrate every life and to recognize that life begins at the moment of conception. Every life is important and this Saturday several of us will be recognizing that fact.

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